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Weigh Soft Enterprises

Weigh Soft Enterprise handles the process of weighing material. The application enables you to capture weight data, print weight tickets and reports. It stores the weight data for future processing and reporting. Weigh Soft Enterprise is simple to use and extremely user-friendly. The main screen allows you to navigate to the various functions, with the help of buttons and menus.


  • Compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Graphical User Interface (Visual Basic)
  • MS Access Database
  • Menu Driven for easy use

Application Features

  • Allows entry of Online and Offline tickets.
  • Allows entry of Single Point tickets.
  • Allows printing of tickets and reports.
  • Allows user to define data fields that are to be captured for the ticket.
  • Allows user to define print format for the Weight Ticket.
  • Allows entry of Material, Supplier, Vehicle details and Shift details in the master tables.
  • Allows configuration of Material and Supplier tables (Add / remove fields)
  • Allows user to create formula fields.
  • Allows user to view Reports based on specific queries.
  • Has a well-defined security mechanism that provides different levels of users.
  • Has detailed Help on every screen.


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